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for Indoor / Outdoor Use

The Float-Pak Fired Brass Trap system is designed for pistol ranges or personal use and can be used to reduce or eliminate dangerous and distracting side ejected shells from rebounding toward the shooter or falling on others. The pocket catches most if not all fired cases reducing floor clutter and cleanup.

The "Brass Trap" allows shooters to recover their own cases without co-mingling with unknown brass or other floor debris.

Brass Trap Models

The “TRISTAN “ series of personal "Brass Trap’s".

Light weight (less than 3 lbs.), and small enough to carry with ease (approx. 4"x30" carrying size), the 24x26 shield is large enough for most individual needs.

You can assemble the "Tristan" in seconds without tools and adjust for height , horizontal and level positioning using thumb screws and a clamp.

The slim profile, easy set up, see through shield and versatile positioning make it ideal for open bench shooting and ranges without "Brass Traps." It's also at home on your deck railing, patio umbrella or back yard shooting bench.

As each gun and shooter differ, some adjustments must be made to match your guns ejection (higher, lower, forward or back, closer or further away.)  Once you find your best position, it’s a simple matter to set up future shoots.


Tristan using spring clamp on flat surface.

Tristan using a C-clamp on the bench.

Table or Bench mounting:

The mounting bracket is positioned to the shooters right, on the top front, back or side and clamped in position. A spring or C clamp is quick and easy. Insert the horizontal adaptor and align the collar open end up. Insert the vertical frame tube into the adapter, open the frame arm to horizontal and tighten the arm adjusting knobs to lock in horizontal position.
Raise  to your desired height and lock in position. Hang the Brass Trap with the pocket facing the shooter. The pocket can be tied down loosely to lessen movement in a breeze. The pocket itself should not be weighted.

If your range has vertical partitions, the mount may also be positioned on the top face with the collar vertical. On the forward or back edges, clamp the mount in place with the collar horizontal, simply tighten the frame bars parallel, insert the support tube and tighten. The horizontal adaptor is not used.

The shield can be extended beyond narrow partitions to line up with your gun position and catch your brass. Shells that miss the pocket group in a small area below the Trap.
The “Tristan Lite” is supplied with a Mounting Bracket which can be clamped in position or secured permanently to your bench or a vertical surface as fits your needs. For use on a flat surface, a horizontal adaptor is supplied to position the frame.

The “Tristan Bench” uses the same shield and frame as the “Tristan Lite” It is supplied with an extension rod concealed in the arm tube. This extender can be useful where extra reach is desired. The “Bench” is ordered with either a “Table Stand” or the “Mount Clamp”and adaptor.

Accessories available : Carry Bag, Table Tripod, Wheeled Stand, Mount Clamp, Pole mount (for patio umbrellas, fence poles etc.) (see Mounting Options for details).

Note: Your unit is supplied with nylon thumb screws to reduce over tightening which will damage the unit threads. You may choose to substitute metal 1/4-20 eye-bolts or thumb screws for more leverage, however they will cause damage to the unit.

See Precautions

Tristan on Wheeled Stand


This model was designed primarily as a shield with a catch pocket. The 36"w x 40"h shield has rings across the top which allow it to be suspended by ceiling hooks, on wall brackets (see below) or means as appropriate for  your range. If you have a suspended type ceiling, then you can use the ceiling hooks provided. Position a suitable rod (48 / 86" Cafe Curtain rod suggested) at the desired height and a minimum of 2" away from walls . Place the rod through the rings and onto the hooks or chain.
The Basic Model hangs at a fixed height. When used with our vertical wall mount the height can be easily adjusted. If hung on chain with large links similar to those provided, you can change the height. By using a wooden dowel with a hook screwed into one end, you can catch a lower link and hitch it higher. Forward/back movement is determined by the rod length (approx. 12" on 48" rod).  The 7" pocket forms a spout for pouring captured brass into a container.

A "Drop Screen" is fabricated onto all the shields. This printed area indicates the "sweet- spot" for optimum catching and provides a replaceable wear area should it be needed.

See Precautions



The "ROLL-UP" is our most popular and versatile model. This 36" x 50" version is mounted on a heavy duty spring roller. It retracts up out of the way and pulls down to desired shooting height for standing or sitting. If mounted on a rod, it can also be moved forward and back.

Shipped fully assembled, the "Roll-up" can be hung from chain, ceiling hooks, or the partition / wall mount. Care must be taken to hang level for proper roller functioning. A leveling method is provided.

See Precautions

This brass catcher retracts when not in use.



The optional "Brass Funnel" pocket design eliminates the need to empty the pocket as it fills from extended use or as each new shooter comes to the line. Less sweeping means less dust becoming airborne and safer floors.
In the outdoors, empty shells caught in the net are kept away from public use areas where children, or anyone else, can pick up these shiny objects contaminated with lead dust. Cases to be kept are handled less with reduced lead contamination of the shooter. Shells dropped directly into a recycle bin are not handled at all. Cases lost and abandoned in grassy areas and caught up in mowing equipment could become mangled projectiles with potential for injury.

Available on full size “Basic” and “Roll-up” models.

See Precautions

Spend less time sweeping and picking up brass
Make it “ Shooters’ Choice” to collect their empties or
open the pocket and send them to the recycle bin.
(The brass, not the shooters.)

Easy-open Velcro® spout.


Mounting Options

Versatile mounting options make the Fired Brass Trap a highly flexible shooting accessory and safety device. Our system has been designed to account for a wide variety of range situations. If you think your situation is unique, contact our engineers to discuss potential options.

(a)Pole Mount, (b)Mount Clamp, (c)Wall Mount, with Velcro®or self Adhesive, (d)Vertical Adaptor in Wall Mount clamped to bench.                                           


This vertical mount allows the "BASIC" or "ROLL-UP" to be attached directly to walls or partitions using the bracket supplied and the fastenings of your choice. The  vertical mount frame is assembled by inserting horizontal bars (each with an end cap) firmly into opposing openings in the swivel fitting, the upright is joined to form an  offset "T". Level the horizontal and secure with the thumb screw provided to prevent tipping. This frame is inserted into the mount and height adjusted using another thumb screw. The shield rings are placed over the cross bars, two on each side of the upright, and can be moved forward or back for positioning. The mount device can also be used on flat surfaces by clamping or securing and using the “Vertical adaptor”(included) which places the adjusting collar upright. The Wall Mount may be had with Velcro or self-adhesive backing if desired.

See Precautions


This unit replaces the wall mount device. The Mount Clamp has an integral clamp built into the mounting unit with the bearing surfaces padded to provide scratch free temporary placement on partitions, chair backs etc. where other methods are not practical. Units can also be clamped to table and bench tops. The wing nut adjusts to wall thickness from ½" to 1+" and is used to attach a vertical mount or Tristan frame to the top of partitions that do not go to ceiling height. This allows the shield to be raised above the partition and provides additional horizontal positioning. The unit can also be clamped to table and bench tops. The "Basic" shield may prove too large for extended use of the clamp in the side or horizontal position and the "Tristan" would be a better choice.

See Precautions



This simple device has a mounting collar attached to one side with an open clamp on the other and a tightening wing nut between. Use it to support frames on fence posts, pipes and umbrella poles.


A table top tripod or 5 leg wheeled model are available. These light weight, telescoping poles on legs free you from the bench and allow mobility indoors or out. These stands have been modified for use with the TRISTAN series. The BASIC on a Wall mount frame will also work on a limited basis, however, stability is a concern with this larger unit. Sand bags or the like can be used for stability in a breeze.

The wheeled model (4 lbs.) can be extended to 74". The table top tripod (2 lbs.) extends to 53".



  • Common sense precautions should be considered.
  • These devices do not replace normal safety measures such as eye protection and the like.
  • The pockets should be emptied regularly so that the weight does not pull the screen taught enough to create a vertical trampoline. ( do not use pocket to hold other items)
  • Static electricity will attract dust to the surface which contains lead residue. Clean on a regular basis to help avoid contamination.
  • Check overhead supports regularly to prevent accidental separation and fall.
  • All models remove easily for cleaning and storage.

Custom sizes and mounts available.

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April 2006 Introductory Promotion Price

Model 1-3 each 4 & up
Basic  $67.50  $53.30
Roll-up $139.50   $125.00
Tristan Bench



Mounting Options

Wall Mount  $41.00 $35.45
Clamp  $31.50 $29.00
Wheeled Stand $52.65
Tabletop Stand $28.50

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"they're shooting more because there's less to clean up"

"in the long grass, it's better to catch it with the Brass Trap than a lawn mower"

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